BabilaStar was created by Elisheva. A mother, an avid health advocate, skin enthusiast, devotee of the sun and a lover of mother earth.

Elisheva has always had a passion for all things natural.

Being young, self conscious and already concerned about how one avoids ageing skin in senior years, 

Her own Skincare and health journey began at 16 years old.

It was at this time she made an alarming discovery of the harmful chemicals added to many of the popular skincare brands. This information combined with childhood ailments that she was still trying to heal from, led to many years of self study and investigation into the health and wellness of skin and body, nutrition, spirituality and even biologically appropriate raw food feeding for pets.

It all started with a bottle of olive oil and led to the mission not only to heal her body but help others.

A love of Gardening and nature also plays its part, as some of the ingredients are grown or wild crafted by Elisheva.

Elisheva's has been able to incorporate much of her knowledge into the BabilaStar skincare range, she methodically combines every ingredient by hand and believes that everyone can feel better when they use ingredients that nature generously provides.

Elisheva lives with her family in the Welsh mountains of Great Britain, it is from here that she creates all of her BabilaStar beauty line and draws inspiration from her surrounding landscape.

All of Babilastar creations use 100% organic or wild crafted natural ingredients. They are lovingly hand poured and packaged in glass bottles to preserve their purity.




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