Cleanse and moisturise your skin with pure oils

January 09, 2019

Cleanse and moisturise your skin with pure oils

wash and moisturise




At first it may sound strange, “wash with oils”  But isn’t the idea to wash the oil off?


First ask yourself this question “why do we wash in the first place and what are we trying to scrub off with using soap"?. 


The goal of washing is to remove dead skin cells and polish off the toxins that stick to the skins surface (via the natural oils your skin produces).


When we can look at washing from this angle we can see that there are many ways to clean the skin besides using soap or at least limiting the soap use.


Besides the harmful array chemicals in many of the soaps and cleansers available, soap is harsh as it strips the skin of its own natural protective barriers (natural oils, microbiome) leaving the skin dry and itchy.  


There are kinder more healthful options of washing your face and body.

Using a gentle skin brush, a loofah or a rough sided muslin are excellent ways of removing dead skin cells or anything else that is necessary to wash off from your day

But if you want soft, supple, moist skin you MUST include an organic cold pressed oil or butter into your daily beauty routine.


Here’s 5 easy steps to get started:

Side note* Do not use a loofah on the face. A muslin cloth can be used for the face and body.


  1. Throughly wet your muslin or loofah, then squeeze excess water out.
  2. Add a small amount of your chosen oil or cream. If you’re using a Babila Star oil you would use 6-7 drops.
  3. Cover your entire face and neck with the oil /butter as if you were moisturising. 
  4. Gently use the damp muslin to wipe off the oil rinsing your cloth/loofah regularly.
  5. Splash your skin with cold water
  6. To finish now choose an oil / butter or both to moisture your beautiful skin. 


This is how easy it can be to look after your skin. It is even be possible to use just one product for your whole routine,§ resulting in an amazing dewy glow, whilst avoiding harmful chemicals.

This is just one of the many pathways to a happy body.

The possibilities are endless try adding essential oils to your routine or using herbal tea as a rinse in between washing and moisturising.

 I have personally been washing my skin with oils and butters and using herbs for nearly twenty years but don’t just take my word for it, give washing with oils a try and see the wonderful results for yourself.


Blessings to you and your healthy happy skin.








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