How often should we wash our hair

October 20, 2020

How often should we wash our hair


This question comes up time and time again, "How often should I wash my hair?".

The answer really depends, on you as an individual. 

For many years it has been the norm to shampoo every day and not only that, we have also been advised by big and well known companies to use shampoo's and conditioners every day! (maybe you can work out why this is!)

Not only is there the obvious problem of stripping the hair and scalp of its natural oils through washing every day, but also the harmful chemicals that commercial products contain. Imagine these chemicals entering your body through your skin every day! The side effects are not pleasant, ranging from dry hair and problematic scalp issues to hair loss and worse.  

Let's rewind... it wasn't all that long ago that the commercial products didn't exist and somehow we all survived and didn't die of dirty hair syndrome.

 Then let's remember that a shower or bath in the home just 100 years ago was rare and only kept by the very wealthy who could afford the plumbing. 

But for the most part you would have had to have used a garden barrel, the river, a lake or a public bath house. Looking at the history it would be safe to assume that shampooing one's hair every day or ever 3/4 times per week looks unlikely, unless you were rich or royal. 

There are still many of us using toxic products to wash our hair, some of us are back to washing once a week, others are leaving washing for up to three weeks and even then choosing not to use shampoo but a healthier alternative.

It all seems a muddle and most of us don't know what to do.

Every day, once per week, shampoo, no shampoo?

It is more important to base your hair washing routine on:

1. What you do all day.

2. Where you spend most of your time.

3. Where you live. 

You see, although it is not good for your hair to be washed too frequently it is important to think about the above questions for the reasons described below:

 If you live in a big city let's say London, work in London and commute around London, your hair, skin, body will have been in contact with a huge amount of pollution and will definitely need washing more often (more than once per week). We under-estimate how dirty city air is and it clings to us like a magnet.

While heavy pollution is hovering in the air it has clung to your hair, and skin. When you go to bed your hair will be rubbing over you face and pillows etc (if you use them). It is so important that it is frequently washed off! 

This then leads to the next important part. If you frequently need to wash your hair or skin because of the environment you live or work, it becomes even more vital to use very gentle, chemical free soaps and cleansers.

This is quite a different scenario to someone who lives in rural areas with minimal traffic or a forrest. How often do you think they would need to wash their hair as compared to somebody living in the city? 

Once per week, or even once per fortnight, would probably be just fine.

And if you're as crazy and adventurous as us by cold dipping daily your hair would be getting a refreshing cold water cleanse anyway.

We are all so unique with personalised situations that require different actions from person to person and place to place. Just like diets, clothing, parenting etc no one size fits all !

In a nut shell, the cleaner your environment/ work space and living environment  the less you will need to wash your hair.

Here at BabilaStar we believe in cleaning our skin and hair with more natural alternatives to soap, which includes herbs, oils, salts and clay. Also skin brushes and loofas.  



Here are a few Ideas and our personal favourites:

Herbal infusions- 


Nettle Leaf is an absolute favourite, just add 25g of the herb to 500ml of water, cover and leave overnight. In the morning stain out the nettles. Soak your hair in the gorgeous emerald water for as long as you can, then rinse.You may want to use a shower cap or something like it and an old towel around your shoulders and neck as this rinse can be a bit messy. 

Extra: If you're up for a stingy fiddly challenge I highly recommend fresh nettles that have been juiced, this gives you such amazing results that every effort in doing this is worthwhile.

Note; This rinse is for darker coloured hair.



Chamomile: Just add 25g of the herb to 500ml of hot (not boiling) water let this steep overnight and strain through a cheese cloth or nut milk bag, the liquid should be a syrup like consistency. Try to cover all of your hair with the 'syrup' and leave on for at least 30mins. Then rinse the chamomile off. This rinse can be followed with conditioner if needed. Like with the nettle rinse, it may be necessary to use a shower cap and towel around neck and shoulders.

Note: This rinse is for lighter coloured hair.



Soapwort- This is a great one, very gentle and easy to prepare.

Method: Add to a saucepan 1tbs of soapwort root, add to 350ml water, cover the pan and let simmer for 15mins. Strain the roots out and bottle up the liquid. This will keep for approximately 10 days if kept in a cool place (fridge is best).


Apple Cider Vinegar: Mix equal parts pure water and a good quality Organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar into a spray bottle. After shampooing and conditioning your hair spray all over your hair and scalp and leave on for at least 15mins, then rinse off. 

  (check out my Instagram post @babilastar on how to do a cider vinegar rinse)

Blessing as always. 


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